No, we don’t do that here, but here are some links and tips to make things easier.

Try these links for help with finding streams.

Archeparchy of Pittsburgh
Eparchy of Passaic
Eparchy of Parma
Eastern Catholic Live Liturgy

You can even participate in a liturgy from Old Country if your are willing to get up at 2 or 3 in the morning. Logos

It is not always easy to find a streaming Liturgy because you have to jump thru so many hoops to get to the streaming site. Many sites do not start streaming until the Divine Liturgy starts. So, you can go from “You can’t get there from here.” to discovering the priest reading the gospel.

Also there is no good site that shows the start times and finding a liturgy for a holyday can be very frustrating. My advice it to explore the links and make notes.

Note that “old country” uses the Julian calendar. This explains why they were singing Christos Voskrese when I was expecting a Divine Liturgy for the feast of the Ascension. It is worthwhile to explore these sites as it is a deeply moving spiritual experience. Look for liturgies in old Slavonic or Ukrainian they are very much like the liturgies that we experienced before the teal terror.